Arabesque’s “The Heart Illumined” botanical perfume is so-named after a journal entry I found, written when I was driving across Ireland on my first and fateful visit, May 2002.

Driving on Irish Country Roads, 2002.

“You can’t see my handwriting, but here it is shaky from driving on narrow country roads. And there is a map of Ireland folded beneath my notebook, because today I am the navigator.

We’re on the Ring of Kerry, just leaving Dingle… While up at some of the highest and most ecstatic points, looking down at the misty expanses of green unfolding around us, it occurred to me that my heart has healed on this journey, somewhere along the way… ”

“The Heart Illumined,” another of the four Arabesque Aromas perfumes designed with the theme of emotional well-being in mind, is a botanical perfume containing Australian Emerald Cypress, a naturally bright, emerald green essential oil. A fresh, slightly earthy unisex perfume with notes of Black Pepper, Bergamot and Geranium, “The Heart Illumined” also contains a sprinkling of Peridot semi-precious stones that rest at the bottom of the bottle.