“She reminded him of some beautiful, sleek animal waking up in the sun.”

― Kate Chopin, The Awakening

“The Awakening” is a fresh, complex, green, blooming scent inspired by the also-blooming main character, Edna Pontellier of Kate Chopin’s novel “The Awakening” published in 1899.

Its main ingredient is the deliciously complex and deliciously green Boronia.
Boronia is a precious ingredient, and difficult to obtain, therefore this perfume is a limited edition. There are a total of 12 bottles of the Summer 2012 batch, remaining.

Each bottle contains a small piece of seaweed, harvested myself from California beaches.

I thought seaweed was an appropriate visual symbol for Edna’s oceanic, feminine, unfolding inner life.

The Awakening can be sampled or purchased, here.