Drann was designed specifically for a group that I feel so honored and excited to be a part of: The Primordial Perfume Project of 2012.

Drann, made mostly of essential oils from Sacred trees, is a smooth, subtle, resinous, warm, unisex, meditative scent, featuring Oud, Peru Balsam, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Cistus, Lavender and Rosewood, with botanical inclusions of Birch and Ash wood from the British Isles, and pieces of Oak Moss.

The word ‘drann’ has its linguistic roots in early Northern European languages and the root of the word speaks of turning, twisting, weaving, and influencing via magic. (The same root is found in the old Irish word for Druid, Drai, wizard, Draoi, the Gaelic word for enchantment, Draoidheacht.) The Celtic spiral is a visual representation, a symbol, of this same magical meaning. (Celtic Knotwork and interlace is probably the most famous example of this.)

I visited the Neolithic Burial Chamber “Newgrange” on my first visit to Ireland in 2002.

Ash in the Irish Ogham ties in nicely with this symbolism. Ash is also the tree associated with the Celtic Tree of Life. And the Ash rune, As, in the Runic alphabet “…invokes the Divine force. As is the divine breath, ond, which powers existence… ” from Rune Magic by Nigel Pennick.

Sample of “Drann” botanical perfume with birch and ash wood.

Samples and the botanical perfume “Drann” are available on Etsy.


The Primordial Perfume Project proves to be a potent and amazing collaboration with over 60 artists, writers and perfumers. Each participant has been asked to create a separate Facebook page for their Primordial entry.

If you’d like to keep abreast of my project entry, and the project as a whole, you can visit my Primordial Perfume project page here.