Enjoy a year of botanical perfume in 2014.

Subscribe to Arabesque Aroma’s 2014-2015 Perfume Subscription and automatically receive a perfume sample each time a new Arabesque Aromas scent debuts. Since 2009, Arabesque Aromas has traditionally launched one to three new oil-based scents each Spring, Summer, Indian Summer/Fall, Winter and Midwinter.

Note that the perfume subscription rotates into 2015, so regardless of what season subscribers purchase their subscription, they will receive one full year of perfume. The first 2014 perfume samples to ship to subscribers will be Arabesque’s Spring 2014 scents,  shipping in March 2014.Samples will ship to subscribers via First Class Mail.  The subscription covers a minimum of six 1ml perfume samples per year, plus prepaid shipping, within the US and Canada.