Each day I am a better man, and purer,
for I serve the noblest lady in the world,
and I worship her, I tell you this in the open.

-Arnaut Daniel, 1180-1200


Virelai, a troubadour-inspired botanical perfume, is named for a particular rhyming style verse that is found in French medieval poetry and song.

Virelai is my Autumn 2014 fragrance and features the pure essential oils of Ambergris, Rose, Frankincense, Cedar, Cinnamon and Cistus. It is a sultry, spicy, warm, sensuous perfume, best enjoyed while reading the poetry or stories of courtly love…

The perfume is available in September 2014 but 1 ml samples are available now. Samples ship First Class Mail within seven days of receipt of payment.

The image of the lovers was taken from the early 14th century Codex Manesse, a German book in the public domain written by several well-known troubadours about courtly love and romantic music.