rose petal incense

As summer blooms and the Northern California flowers unfurl their fragrant petals all around me, I just could not resist the urge to create something! So — I’ve made two delicious batches of my annual handmade incense! Now available:

Kyphi – Most well-known as an ancient Egyptian incense though there are also ancient Greek and Syrian variations. The ingredients remain fundamentally the same in all of the recipes. My incense is my own adaptation of the 2nd century Syrian recipe and features honey, red wine, sultanas, galangal, organic cinnamon bark, frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, rose petals, orris, lemongrass, sandalwood powder. The precious resins and botanicals are powdered and then, bound together with the wine and the honey, form a fragrant brick that is left to dry slowly in the sun.

Rose Petal – made in the Elizabethan fashion. (A recipe that, I suspect, came straight from the goddess Venus, herself!) Powdered Rose Petals with a pinch of powdered lavender blossoms and fragrant Iris, melded together with rosewater, formed into earthy lozenges and left to dry in the sun.

Do note – this is not incense that is well-suited for use on traditional charcoal tablets. To truly appreciate the delicacy of the flower petals and aromatics, the nuance of the melting honey, resins, spices, herbs, roots and the floral waters, this incense requires a more delicate and refined source of heat…

But I will say that they are worth the trouble. As one very old, loyal client and dear friend says “They are infused with ancient magic!”

perfume sampler

The incense is also available in a small Incense Sampler for the curious! The Rose Petal incense, save for the samplers, is already sold out but is available for pre-order in my Etsy shop with a two-week shipping window. (Usually my annual incense goes quickly so best to get it while you can!) To enjoy this incense, and the Kyphi, crumble and burn on a censer, or in your electric incense burner… warm on low in a cast iron pan, or enjoy in the Elizabethan way – warm in a very hot pan and walk through your home, perfuming the rooms as you go.

Also don’t miss my unisex botanical perfume, Kyphi, inspired by the incense…

In closing, I was accepted to graduate school and will begin a MA degree in Humanities this Fall 2015. I’m extremely excited to begin my focus on women and plant folklore in mythology and I just know my academic explorations will cycle back into my creative work in wonderful new ways. My sincere thanks to all who have participated in the ongoing “Pay What You Will Sale” to support Arabesque’s exciting and ongoing expansion!

Well, I think this catches me up on all of the Arabesque news for now so – until my late-Summer perfume inspired by One Thousand and One Nights launches, take care and have a wonderful summer! And if you want to keep further tabs on my work, or merely enjoy my gratuitous horse and kitten pictures from the ranch, like my facebook page, here.