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I don’t know about you but, despite the demanding pleasures of grad school, I have already started thinking and planning for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner! (I spotted celery root, my favorite seasonal vegetable, in the grocery store and  — that was it for me!)  I have a few hardbound copies of my cookbook still in stock, and as I am not planning on having any more printed in 2015,  I thought I would offer a small pre-Thanksgiving sale for those who are, like me, entering Cooking Mode, already!

You can get a hardbound copy of The Fragrant Kitchen Cookbook: Culinary Recipes from a Botanical Perfumer for $22.00 plus shipping by using coupon code *** fragrant1015 *** while supplies last…

The recipes have a simple, earthy, Mediterranean emphasis to them and the cookbook features aromatic tips and recipes that are a meaningful part of my own daily life and seasonal cycles.

The book is illustrated by beautiful 14th century images taken from a medieval herbal on health and well-being, The Tacuinum Sanitatis. And at the back of the book is a rich Resources section with information on where to get aromatic supplies and ingredients, a list of my favorite cookbooks and aromatic research books, helpful organizations of interest, shopping tips for avoiding GMOs in your cooking, advice re: leftovers and etc.

The Fragrant Kitchen ships Priority mail within the US and outside of the contiguous US, they ship First Class Mail.

The Fragrant Kitchen: Culinary Recipes from a Botanical Perfumer has been described by my readers below —

“A visual and epicurean feast for the senses, bounty from another time.”

“A beautiful, soulful cookbook that perfectly reflects the passions and inspirations of botanical perfumer, Kirsten Schilling. Lovely recipes, narrative and illustrations. The Fragrant Kitchen Cookbook will be my cozy, uplifting companion during this bleak mid-winter! I can’t wait to stir-up some magic…..”

“Very nice perspective about the blend of scent and flavor.”


For those of you who missed it, my Women’s Circle (for kitchen witches, cat ladies, and other likeminded souls…) has been busy lately with some really wonderful activities. Last week we read aloud the names of 170 past and present pets as a part of our annual Animal Blessing Ceremony and later this month we are building a Dios de Los Muertos altar to tell stories and otherwise honor our beloved departed. Email me if you want more details on subscribing to my Virtual Women’s Circle and Online Community.


Two bottles of my limited edition Autumn 2015 scent, The Awakening botanical perfume remain… it is aging and growing more and more delicious by the moment. I nearly want to keep it all for myself. Sample or purchase here (and do hurry, before I change my mind! ha!) With green, fresh notes of Boronia, Patchouli, Black Pepper, and Peru Balsam, this limited edition scent is a luscious, unusual, and heady, unisex delight that gets many compliments.


And finally, for my Midwinter Scent of 2015, my subscribers will receive samples of my other precious limited edition scent, Labdanum & Ambergris Eau de Parfum. These will ship around the second or third week of December, completing the 2015 Subscription packages.

Thank you, cherished subscribers and Arabesque customers, for your support of all my creative endeavors this year!!!